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What have we been doing?

The Winchcombe Place Farm

Today, Wednesday 4th July we were fortunate to meet some new residents on our weekly visit to Winchcombe Place. Children were able to meet and pet some of the farm animals brought in by a local company Farms2ewe, and had fun petting and feeding them.

Easter Bonnets with the Residents of Winchcombe Place

We had a wet walk to Winchcombe place today and had to play “dodge the puddles.” However, the very wet walk was worth it when we discovered that we would be helping our friends, the residents to make Easter bonnets for the parade on Sunday. The children displayed their creative flair and the residents were very pleased with the end results, there was even some friendly competition at the table about who’s hat was going to win.

Gingerbread House Building

Today, during our weekly visit to Winchcombe Place the children built gingerbread houses with the residents. They worked in two teams with the staff and residents to see if they could stick all the pieces of the house together and decorate it. However, there was an unfortunate accident and one house fell apart, this was pleasing for all as they got to enjoy a tasty treat with their drink.

Smores Around the Campfire


We spent the morning huddled around the campfire, making smores. It was a tasty treat that was enjoyed by all.

Children in Need

Today we attended Happy Kids in our Pyjamas, even the adults and helped to raise money for Children in Need.


We were blessed with a couple of dry days and was able to get the climbing frame out for the children to practice their physical development. With some encouragement and a few demonstrations from the adults, the children were able to develop their risk taking, problem solving and resilience skills.


A small group of children went to visit some of the residents of The Winchcombe Place this morning. We completed puzzles, drew pictures and explored the giant dolls house there. There has been research carried out to explore the benefits these opportunities can have on the young and the not so young; studies in UK have shown that activities that include children and older adults in a day care facility can increase self-esteem and promote friendships.

“These days traditional families are separated by distance, time and lack of understanding between generations, but programmes that bring children and older adults together could change the whole of society’s outlook. Children are the worlds’ future but that doesn’t mean we should consign older generations to the past.”



Today we opened the woodwork area for the first time and worked on improving our hammer skills to gain our hammer licence. We learnt about how to protect ourselves, be careful when using the materials and listen to the adults.